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Magic Perspectives is dedicated to publishing thought-provoking, books about the science of theatrical magic. Our books provide a rich tapestry of science, history and methods. These books aim to inspire magicians to further their craft. Our books also show how magic and science relate to each other.

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My books discuss the science, history and methods of magic to inspire magicians to further their craft. My books also show how magic and science relate to each other. Magicians use science to create the illusion that the laws of nature have been broken. Scientists study how magicians are able to create these illusions.

The Box Goes-In-Da Box—A treatise on the Gozinta Boxes

Magic Perspectives: The Box Goes-In-Da Box. A treatise on the Gozinta BoxesThis book describes how to design, build and perform the Gozinta Boxes.

In this mystery, the small box fits inside the large box and the large box fits inside the small box. Lubor Fiedler invented this paradox when he ran out of space in his house.

This book discusses the history, theory and performance of the famous trick.

“There has NEVER been anything like this … until now! I’m in awe at the amount of detail and effort and quality!”—Mark Stevens.

The Jastrow Illusion in Magic—A treatise on the Boomerang Trick

Magic Perspectives: The Jastrow Illusion in Magic: A treatise on the Boomerang Illusion

The classic Boomerang Illusion is making a comeback! Many magicians think this minor mystery is only for children.

This book reveals the deeper secrets of this illusion and brings it into the twenty-first century.

“I learned quite a bit that was new and valuable to me”—Robert Neale.

“If you are interested in the Jastrow Illusion – you’re in for a treat”—Bill Trotter

Perspectives on MagicScientific Views on Theatrical Magic

Magic Perspectives: Perspectives on Magic: Scientific Views on Theatrical Magic

Perspectives on Magic explores some of the questions that scholars have asked about theatrical magic.

From psychologists to historians; from computer scientists to sociologists, theatrical magic fascinates scientists from many fields.

The extensive bibliography alone is worth the purchase“—George Parker.

“I encourage everyone who calls themselves a magician to pick up a copy of this book”—Bryce Kuhlman.

Forthcoming Magic Perspectives Books

Paradoxes of Size: A treatise on Geometric VanishesThe Möbius Strip in Magic. A Treatise on the Afghan Bands

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