About Magic Perspectives—Who is Peter Prevos?

Performing magic has been a part of my life since I was a schoolboy in the Netherlands, devouring books from the local library. My passion for magic was unrelenting in those early years, and I showed magic tricks to anyone who wanted to see them and in my enthusiasm also to those that were not so interested.

I performed in many local talent contests, family birthday parties and some paid performances. My only claim to fame is that I once shared the stage with Hans Klok. He won the first prize at the convention; I was the worst performer.

Nowadays I occasionally perform magic as I am more occupied with thinking and writing about the craft. I write books about science and magic and how they relate to each other. Scientists have written a lot about conjuring and magicians use science to create the illusion of magic.

The Magic Perspectives website contains information about my books and magic tricks. Magic Perspectives also includes the most comprehensive bibliography about science and magic.