The Journal of Magic Research (JMR) is a free electronic publication dedicated to promoting scientific research in magic. This journal is established by Bill Spooner. This journal features articles about mathematics, psychology, neuroscience, biology, physics, chemistry and other sciences that are used by magicians.

Journal of Magic Research

Journal of Magic Research.

Journal of Magic Research contributions

All my contributions relate to my research into the bidirectional relationship between magic and science.

  • Review of Perspectives on Magic (Issue 5, February 2014).
  • Science and Magic: A Bidirectional Relationship (Issue 6, January 2015).
  • MagiQual: Towards Measuring the Quality of a Magic Performance (Issue 7, December 2015).
  • The Science of the Boomerang Illusion (Issue 8).
  • The Geometry of the Gozinta Boxes (Issue 8)