The Jastrow Illusion Magic Trick: A Treatise on the Boomerang Illusion

The Jastrow illusion is known to magicians as the boomerang illusion. Two boomerang-shaped ring segments seem to be of different sizes but are in fact identical.

Magicians tend to underestimate the power of the Jastrow illusion magic trick. Its use in magic is limited to children’s entertainers and magic kits. This illusion is more powerful than it seems at first sight. A recent viral video shows that its deceptive power is as strong as it was when first discovered almost 150 years ago.

The Jastrow Illusion in Magic ebook provides an in-depth review of the psychology of this illusion and a detailed overview of its use by magicians. You will learn about its origin and how psychologists use it in tests and experiments. The last part of the book shows you how to develop your own magic routine with this quirky prop. Click on the image to view a free sample of the ebook.

Jastrow Illusion Magic Trick

“I learned quite a bit that was new and valuable to me”—Robert Neale.

If you are interested in the Jastrow Illusion, you’re in for a treat”—Bill Trotter.

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Boomerang Illusion Performances

Jastrow Illusion Magic Trick Versions

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Jastrow Illusion / Boomerang Illusion Bibliography

Overview of both scholarly and magic publications on the Jastrow illusion.

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