Business magic is bout the commonalities between magic tricks and managing a business. This relationship can be viewed from two sides: the magic tricks of business and the business of magic tricks.

Business Magic

business magic

Many marketing gurus promise to teach magic.

How do the principles of the psychology of magic apply to the workplace and in marketing? Many management gurus promise people to give them magical powers. There are several interface points between magic tricks and everyday business problems. I wrote some short reflections on this topic for the Lucid Manager website:

These thoughts are all expressed through the Half Hour MBA; a satirical magic show a magic show about business.

The Business of Magic Tricks

Murphy, Everything I know about marketing magic (Penguin)

A book about marketing magic tricks.

Business magic does not only apply to organisations but also magicians. Most performers are independent entrepreneurs that spend a lot of time on marketing and selling. Magic is show business, which is both an art and a way to make a living.

Magicians have three types of customers: their audiences, the people that pay their fees and other magicians.

My current interest is developing a theoretical model for measuring the quality of a magic show.